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This space provides information on the CODE Personal Health Gateway

CODE (Continua Open Development Environment) for Health is a project initiated by the Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHAlliance) that is designed to foster the development of an open ecosystem of personal health devices based on internationally adopted standards. We are glad that you are considering the use of standards based technology and hope that the CODE software accelerates your time to market.

An overview of the CODE project is available at

Information about the CODE Health and Fitness Server is available at


Information on the CODE Personal Health Gateway

The CODE project provides Java libraries that facilitate the development of a standards based application that can collect measurement data and communicate that information into a FHIR server. The project also provides a plugin architecture that allows a proprietary device to translate its data to be consistent with IEEE 11073 specifications. The plugin architecture supports independent distribution of code - the plugin does not have to be integrated into the CODE distribution. It can be shipped independently with the device(s) it supports.

As of June 2020 CODE runs on Android 5 and above. Support for other platforms is a future consideration.

Background and General Information

Read this section if you are trying to get a quick overview what is contained in the CODE PHG software package and the functionality that the CODE software provides.

Read this section if you are seeking to understand what the different libraries do and how the application interacts with the libraries.

Getting and Building CODE - Instructions on how to build a basic Android application - Instructions on building the CODE PHG demonstration application written with a Flutter GUI

Read this section if you are looking to download, build, and run one or more CODE PHG projects

Programming with CODE

Read this section if you want to have a walk through of the CODE modules used to build a Personal Health Gateway application

Read this section if you want to develop a GATT level driver to support a proprietary device for use in CODE

API Documentation

CODE API Documentation - Javadoc based documentation for the test runtime

Service APIs - Documentation for the APIs of the Orchestrator and test services

Read the API documentation for a detailed programmer’s level description of the available interfaces, classes and methods

CODE Bluetooth Test Framework

Read this section for background information about the test framework - Setup for testing in a local, environment - Setup for testing in a cloud based environment (Continuous Integration Testing)

Read this section if you want to run the CODE test suites

Read this section if you want to create new tests using the CODE testing framework